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Friday, October 08, 2004


delays, delays

criminals in politics are nothing new. i rather think that the profession lends itself to criminality, in fact -- particularly in a democracy, where ultimate responsibility is supposedly in elections which count on the participation of people who cannot balance their checkbook and can't/won't/don't find the united states on a globe.

what worries me more is the growing brashness of politicians. from cheney's bald-faced lying about some mythical connection between al-qaeda and saddam hussein or his halliburton payoffs, to clinton's willingness to deceive special prosecutors -- all of it in plain view, with no reasonable doubt to their dishonesty -- aggressive deceit seems to me a troubling indicator of just how widely abused the charity/stupidity of the electorate is. when even the pretense of shame is effectively gone, is there any ethical barrier left?

and then there was tom delay, house kingpin.

is there an authority that can really put a leash on these men? i doubt it.

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