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Friday, October 29, 2004


new manifestation of the same problem, part 2

part 1

josh marshall has collected the evidence about missing explosives, and it appears definitive now that the stuff was there when we invaded; that the IAEA told us it was there; that our troops stumbled on it *on video* with embedded reporters -- and left it unguarded; and now it's gone, stolen by insurgents or on the iraqi black market.

why leave it unguarded? because this is rummy's war:

After the bunkers were opened, the 101st was not ordered to secure the facility. A senior officer told ABC News the division would not have had nearly enough soldiers to do so.
in other words, it's a new manifestation of the same problem we've had all along.

it's also brought to the fore the other old problem we've been dealing with -- an integrity-challenged administration that cannot tell the truth about seemingly anything. lie, smear, obfuscate, destroy evidence -- anything but candor.

i thought clinton was bad on this count -- and he was. but he was, at least, more devious. bush and his men are *brazen*. they're lying, they know a lot of us know it, and they don't care -- they don't even put on the pretense of truth.

that such men still get widespread political support is a sign of a democracy failing into demagoguery. everyday activities at the top now make teapot dome look like a speeding in a school zone.

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