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Sunday, October 17, 2004


please, stop...

jon stewart is the de facto most trusted man in america because he, however ironically, comes closer to the absurd truth than any of the other straight men in comedy -- rather, brokaw, jennings, hume -- and that goes double for partisan knobs like o'reilly, begala and carlson.

his confrontation with the disingenuous tools of "crossfire" should be mandatory viewing for every voting american. whatever informative signal these shows -- not just political hate-talk, i'm afraid, but the nightly news -- can be said to possess is drowned in a noise of spin and salesmanship that no decent person can parse.

the BEST thing that could happen to the american democracy would be if we all stopped feeding the animals of the press. and when that is the case, how healthy can one consider our form of government?

Amen Brother Krier!

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