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Monday, November 29, 2004


the absurdity of modern secularism

as much as i observe the failings of the american right to learn or understand the history of western civilization, i would be remiss if i did not also similarly observe the american left's crusade for "progress". hell-bent on emancipated individualism above all else, the left has seen fit to abandon any organization which it sees as requiring some sort of personal commitment or (intentional) conformity, while favoring the "collective irresponsibility" of the state as a means of shirking the tedious duties of truly free people. primary among these organizations to be reviled, of course, is systemic religion.

the drive to secularism has long roots in the west, and is further advanced in europe than the united states. but it remains a stalwart feature of the ossified left in america, seeking manifestation wherever it can. often, where is can is san francisco.

so no surprise that a san francisco school has become the first to eliminate the declaration of independence, along with a number of other primary historical sources, from the curriculum of primary education due to the founders' references to their christian heritage and viewpoint.

few of the founders were what most modern christian cultists would recognize as "religious". most were deists, as were most learned men of the late 18th century who were not outright skeptics -- as thomas jefferson, a rousseauian materialist, certainly was. but christians they were, by faith and by civilization. their avowed belief was, in the main, that reason was a gift of god and that god expected them to use it well to care for themselves and each other.

the rapid spread of individualist rousseauian idealism after the catharsis of the french revolution -- an event that irreversibly altered the west and has frequently tainted our view of history ever since -- led eventually to marx and secularism, which when mainstreamed represented the triumph of the state over the church and the juxtaposition the reality of europe as it had previously existed since the end of the roman empire. so completely successful has the march to secularism been that attempts at further advancement yield only absurdities such as these; so thoroughly has secularism destroyed the complex intellectual christian tradition that primitive mysticism is all that remains understood by western man.

so far has the abandonment of god progressed that it now represents what it once deigned to combat: the irrational and the absurd. when history and education are suppressed in the name of secularism, secularism -- once a driving force for western development -- has become an end unto itself without reason. such is the condition of civilization in decadence.

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