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Monday, November 15, 2004



in a part of the world that, on the whole, seems to analyze current events with a longer perspective in mind, perhaps news of parliamentary indifference with respect to fallujah isn't too shocking. the death of arafat is also part of a confluence of events that, as the article notes, has helped mute reaction.

certainly, legislators don't speak for all the people -- there is a populist groundswell that these governments resist and suppress, it seems to me, and that lies at the core of al-qaeda's popular sympathy as such.

but such equivocation does fit very well within the narrative established by gilles kepel, as was discussed in reason, which (while not pro-american in any sense) asserts that a popular countermovement against al-qaeda based in its failure to manifest its goals -- in fact, in its defeats on that front.

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