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Wednesday, November 24, 2004


animated objectivism

christian science monitor has summarized the critical views on the possible philosophical content of animated films, particularly noting the nietzschean overtones of the latest pixar escape, "the incredibles".

i would say that, rather than being randian objectivist propaganda, the film is a product of modern times -- times which have also elevated nietzsche and rand. and would anyone suggest that the times are not rampantly individualist? the film is all about personal fulfillment and glory through emancipation from the constraints of society.

is there a randian component in that? maybe. the rise of libertarianism suggests that the utter antisociety of rational self-interest is one of the religions of the age.

the other dominant one is its erstwhile philosophical "opposite" -- socialism, which has ossified from its platonic idealism into a mere responsibility-avoidance device, a tool by which individuals shift the tedious work of truly responsible people onto the state. a less ideological path to personal emancipation, as it were.

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