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Thursday, November 04, 2004


das rheingold

by a stroke of luck, last night fortune offered me consolation and reprieve from politics in wagner.

it was mesmerizing. beyond the anticipation of dimming houselights, wagner is a prince among romanticists for his manipulation of mood -- even as the lights first dimmed and the silkscreen glowed in the aqua haze of the rhine, the low rolling echoes from the pit came tumbling over the audience, slowly building in ominous volume, harmoniously scaling as currents in the river's flow -- overwhelming.

over the next two and a half hours, teutonic gods, giants and gnomes played the ageless game of manipulation in search of the niebelung's ring -- and i sat stunned, in the gloaming of an opera house, suffused in the streaming, brilliant, edifying light of western civilization.

one must see these things, experience these things, build a context for these things to understand what we have lost in the west as we spiral into the absurdity and futility of decadence. i wished this morning that i could somehow reach out to all of my neighbors and make them see and understand -- yet knowing that i cannot, that they would not care.

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