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Tuesday, November 09, 2004


dean's revival

now, just when you hoped that loss and self-examination might lead to catharsis and positive change, comes this.

contrary to just about everything i think they should consider, the dnc has offered its chair to rambunctious polarizer howard dean.

in my humble opinion, this shows exactly how far out of touch with political reality the hierarchy of the democratic party has become. dean, whatever his political history, ran and became nationally recognized as a sort of vitriolic moonbat, too easily dismissed by moderates as unserious. that first impression will define him outside of vermont forever. what kind of party can put such a figure in public control?

such a move makes me wonder what sort of narrative james carville has in mind. frankly, if it is the story of complete emancipation under the aegis of state responsibility and the destruction of any social norm that stands in the way of the individual, the democratic party becomes appealing to only the far-left urban marxist -- even in the face of reinvented national socialism.

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