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Monday, November 29, 2004


a falling out among thieves

the ukrainian turmoil gets more front-page press every day, and increasingly bears some resemblance to the sorry events of florida in 2000. today brings news of a non-binding party-line parliamentary vote to vacate the election. and yet one rarely seems to hear anything outside the typical simplified storyline of white-hat plebiscitarianism vs black-hat elites.

raimondo, however, well annotated as always, offers much more insight into yushchenko, the ostensibly pro-western figure and certainly the protagonist as reported in american media -- and into the role american oil and ideological interests are playing there.

and where our interest lie, our troops are sure to follow.

it's deja-vu (ukranian style) all over again to the 2000 election.

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Dear Gaius,
By virtue of your absolute silence concerning Russian intervention and Russian intervention, you are saying American intervention = BAD and Russian intervention = GOOD, using skillful rhetoric. Also the piece on which you base your conclusions is rife with misinformation. Right in the first paragraph it does not state that Yuschenko's site is in English, Russian and Ukrainian. I especially like the whole IMHO opinion tone throughout which does not wash. You are very well informed. Only to with views which support your own.

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sincerely, what i would like is for the ukraine to remain at peace and for it to have to deal with a minimum of foreign intrigue -- be it russian, american or polish. russian interference (although it is a fact of ukrainian political life, it seems) is not desirable; this much the orange display is certainly showing us.

my point is only that 1) yushchenko may not have the same goals as the orange movement; and 2) american interference is some part of the yushchenko equation.

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