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Monday, November 15, 2004


'let it boil'

nothing saddens me more than to see how the christian tradition, one of the essential pillars of western civilization, has degraded and suffered under the onslaught of absurd reductivism and individualism. this siege has never been sadder and more angst-filled for me than when it takes the form of suicide -- as it so clearly does in the words of bob jones letter to the president following november 2.

a man who cannot reconcile liberalism and progressive politics with faith in christ, who feels compelled to use the language of warfare when speaking of the president's duty to his god, who sees legislation as a vehicle to oppress the wayward -- and pointedly omits the role of deliberation and dialogue regarding ideas and philosophies -- is simply not a christian in any sense i would recognize. the simpleminded cultism that men like jones encourage (at great personal gain, like a moneychanger in the temple) is abhorrent to the two-thousand-year tradition of christian scholarship and philosophy and, yes, tolerance and forgiveness.

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