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Wednesday, November 03, 2004


onward christian soldiers

raimondo says it, and cites his neocon source:

If the president is reelected, it will be seen as a mandate for war – not only in Iraq, but Syria, Iran, Lebanon – even Saudi Arabia. All will be up for grabs. Bush unleashed is likely to fulfill our worst expectations, and then some. We would feel the effects almost immediately.
that remains to be seen, of course, but it does seem the speculative course of action. with men like podhoretz and kristol and thinktanks like AEI dreaming even before the conclusion of the election, "what next?", it seems highly unlikely indeed that the Global Democratic Revolution will fade away from bush's ideological agenda.

iran hasn't backed away, for their part, negotiating from strength and forcing the EU into concessions. they know that america is tied up for now in iraq and can't field an army to sharpen the point. how long they can press that advantage, however, is now a harder question. four years? the imams in tehran can't be that optimistic.

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