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Tuesday, November 16, 2004


seven deadly sins

matt welch at reason posted a simple but effective article regarding the reasons behind growing antiamericanism abroad and its relationship to jacksonian politics at home.

what followed in the comments is entirely typical of such threads at reason -- but one turn of phrase uttered by a bush supporter stood out to me:

The reality is that the other nations should have been ashamed of themselves for having the gall to ask us to ratify such absurdly anti-American treaties in the first place.

it is amazing to me that people who would call themselves "conservative" and lay claim to american tradition would utter such patently narcissistic and arrogant words. perhaps our once-christian morality has become so thoroughly perverted that it is unrecognizable. but i cannot believe that americans who claim to be advocates of american tradition (with its strong christian history) see modesty and compromise in image and action as undesirable. have they never read the beatitudes?

indeed, that such brazen untraditional idealism has taken hold in conservatism today indicates to me that perhaps our flight from the history of western civilization is nearly complete. it is as though american society has decided to attempt to become the living embodiment of the seven deadly sins -- and put pride above even avarice and gluttony in doing so.

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