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Wednesday, November 17, 2004


virtue cast aside

when criminal charges of illegal behavior are brought against members of congress, one would presume that the body -- hoping to preserve its moral standing and credibility -- would desire to suspend those members until such charges could be resolved. this especially in light of the fact that no prosecutor charges a congressman lightly. this especially when the charges have to do with political corruption. and this especially when the the congressman is not just a congressman but the party leader on the floor.

and perhaps that was true -- in a more ethical time.

clearly, however, that time has passed.

this should be a clear indicator to the rational observer of how far the house of representatives has deteriorated from any ethical standard. the new modus operandi is this: if the rules are inconvenient, change the rules -- and ethics? a code of conduct? don't burden us with such bizarre notions.

nancy pelosi said it of the republicans, but in truth it applies to the democrats as well:

they simply do not care if their leaders are ethical.
indeed, if american politics once valued virtue, it no longer does -- in fact, no longer ever pays lip service to the notion. like pigs at the trough, all but the slops are cast aside.

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