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Friday, December 31, 2004


time for a vacation?

absurd. completely utterly absurd.

though i surely haven't convinced anyone over at reason of much, i don't know how else to process westerns frolicking in the sun as tens of thousands remain to be buried other than to call it the absurd extremity of blithe, indifferent, gross emanicapted individualism.

UPDATE: yet more startling -- there are apparently legions who think this is the honorable thing to do -- or, at least, find honor a dead concept (killed by nietzsche, i suspect...).

The first thing I thought of when I saw this on the news was 'what the hell is wrong with those people?' It made me sick to see them tanning and drinking on the beach while there was chaos a few miles away.

CB from OMC

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place de la concorde at night... Posted by Hello

Well done night photography. You are multitalented.

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Beautiful but there's just a mistake. It's place de la Concorde.

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lol -- of course it is! good catch, anon. too many memories swilling around when i put this in. i'll correct it.

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