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Wednesday, December 15, 2004


ever get the feeling you've been cheated?

i would be among the first to acknowledge the debt which western society and english law owes to the christian commandments. the foundation of western law lays in the book of exodus.

but it is hard to view vain displays of irresponsible personal prerogative as complying with any social order.

certain alabama judges may not like the fact that our system of government is intended to stand independent of christian religion, even as the law it enforces is ostensibly based upon its ethics. but nowhere in their oath to public service are they granted the right to use their office to make personal statements of religious affiliation -- indeed, western law explicitly forbids it. that the arbiters of the law are now beginning to feel enabled to ignore it for the self-gratification of wearing sandwich boards says much about the state of social obligation and civil order.

such irresponsible individualism is often imagined by modern american christians (such as i imagine this judge to be) to be the province of anarchists; they have pathetically deluded themselves into believing that acts like these represent something other than the abdication of western ethics primarily, i suspect, because they've no knowledge of their civilization and heritage -- except what they reductively imagine in their simpleminded fashion. christian cults, unguided by the education of the 19th c and confronted with the social decay of the 21st, have worked hard to revise and rewrite the history of the west into something primitive and primal as they search for an anchor in times fleeing from the past and cast adrift.

but they are ultimately and inevitably of their times -- their search for safety and solidity manifests itself in the outrageous hubris and antisocial behavior that would make any punk proud.

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