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Monday, December 06, 2004


the new cold war

raimondo -- who point of view has been essential counterorthodoxy to the western media through the entire ukraine affair -- observes this column by neocon shouter charles krauthammer and wryly deduces the implications for a confrontation with russia:
What is the purpose of declaring that a new "iron curtain" has descended if not to conjure the specter of a cold war-style military confrontation with the remnants of the former Soviet Union -- a conflict that is coming if we persist in getting up in Putin's face in his own backyard?
buchanan echoes him in denouncing american soft-power imperial aggression:

Are we Americans hypocrites of global democracy?
america, it seems, as envisioned and led by the neoconservatives, is destined to head a revival of western civilization -- by attacking and crushing its rivals: islamic culture; greek orthodox/russian culture; chinese culture. as neocon thinker michael ledeen wrote in full apocalyptic hubris:

We tear down the old order every day, from business to science, literature, art, architecture, and cinema to politics and the law. Our enemies have always hated this whirlwind of energy and creativity, which menaces their traditions (whatever they may be) and shames them for their inability to keep pace. Seeing America undo traditional societies, they fear us, for they do not wish to be undone. They cannot feel secure so long as we are there, for our very existence -- our existence, not our politics -- threatens their legitimacy. They must attack us in order to survive, just as we must destroy them to advance our historic mission.
this would sound a bizarre ideological fairytale -- just so much ranting -- if the truth of events did not so easily fit the narrative. the global democratic revolution is already well articulated by powerful mouths; the fascistic weaponry of mass politics has been studied and adopted as the machinery of dissent suppression is installed; the clash of civilizations is framed in a promethean narrative; the battle is now enjoined throughout the middle east; we move to quietly isolate china; and now america works to pinch russia from the west.

it's becoming more apparent that the united states government, under the administration of the neoconservatives, has gone to war with the world -- though it may be undeclared, though it may take time and be accomplished in stages, we are now walking the same path that has been walked by alexander, rome, charlemagne, napoleon, britain, hitler and russia in their turns.

global democratic revolution means global conquest. an empire of liberty is, in the end, an empire -- replete with the attendant delusions of grandeur. and the united states has adopted the mantle of hubris that each of these states and rulers have before it to believe that such a thing was possible, necessary and good, whatever the reasons.

of course, it is none of those things. especially for a nation with such tenuous economic footing, this course amounts to an attempt at national suicide every bit as absurd as the first world war.

the question, of course, is whether or not is can be implemented -- or if realism can return in some fashion.

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