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Thursday, December 02, 2004


the russian reaction

bbc excerpts of the russian news outlets commentaries on the orange revolution in the ukraine are the stuff of propaganda machines. from the russian pravda:

Now these same [Western] forces are striving to yoke Ukraine and Belarus, in order then to gain complete control of Moscow. Complete control! They are no longer pretending to hide it...

Specialists in strategic analysis reckon that the personal qualities of the Ukrainian opposition figures are of no great importance. They have done their job: they have roused the people, brought the economy to the brink of collapse, and the state to the verge of dividing in two. Now more serious people can take over. According to sources, Nato troops in Hungary and Poland are preparing to move, and Romanian and Slovakian military units have been put on alert. Ukrainian towns are in their sights.
this strategy of characterization has been seen before: prior to the invasion of prague in 1968, ostensibly to head off a nato invasion.

it must be said that russian news organizations function with virtually no editorial latitude free of putin's government. what they say is what the putin autocracy wants to be said.

could the russian army mount an invasion of the ukraine?

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