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Monday, January 03, 2005


american prison camps

well, if you were waiting for the american version of a siberian gulag, here you are. if abu ghraib just didn't seem permanent enough to be dangerous, this should.

on the heels of a trial balloon intended to test the waters for the possibility of another reichstag fire, and with some sensitive quarters sounding the alarm on the rebirth of fascism, one hopes that the agitation will be enough to get some to really think about what we're doing in and to america.

but i sincerely doubt it matters, frankly, how loud and long the alarm goes up. american government operates on hegelian mysticism because americans want it that way -- having been immersed in the jingoism of sixty years of ideological warfare and victory, they know no better. to most, american heroism is a self-evident, self-reinforcing truth: if we put people in prison forever, it's because they deserve it.

i've come to sincerely doubt that enough opposing effort will be mustered to counter this destructive narcissism.

reason's comment thread includes some of the nietzschean defense of totalitarianism that so clearly, imo, indicts the west as absurdist.

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