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Friday, January 28, 2005


dressing down

if you want to know why most europeans feel entirely within their rights to look down their noses at naive, sophmoric, childlike americans, look no further than vice president dick cheney attending the recent 60th annual memorial at auschwitz.

if it weren't for all the bombs and missiles, they'd have hidden him in the back.

So glad to see you have begun blogging about the really important stuff. Mr. Cheney is an old man in suspect health. I respect his good sense in dressing warmly. However, I would not have bought the coat with white fringe on the hood because I could never keep it clean and I dislike its appearance. I think he would have done better to purchase a dark hooded coat as his wife did. Still, we are just nitpicking. Most Europeans hate Mr. Cheney regardless of his attire.

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lol -- i agree about the global opinion of cheney. but there is indeed a broader point about the ugly american which cheney is demonstrating. the stereotypical american is simply not class-, style- or etiquette-conscious. it's something american politicians and businessmen have to work against, not reinforce.

this is both good and bad -- to offer the counterpoint to my own opinion, many plebiscitarian europeans find american naivite on this count positive, deriding tradition and class division in europe as stagnating.

but i think even they would have to admit this is not charmingly naive, but inappropriate.

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I agree with you completely. An obviously successful businessman dressed like a rube for a solemn occasion. Truly a phenomenal job by Cheney of reinforcing the stereotype of the ugly American. I wonder if at any time he asked a waiter or waitress to "speak American".

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This picture is brilliant! Look at this guy. He's the gorilla in the china shop. This picture gave me a great laugh. Thanks,

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