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Friday, January 21, 2005



the british press are much more objective viewers now, it seems to me, than any major american media manages to be with regards to the american government. one cannot help but get the somber feeling that this is a story whose aspects they report with great trepidation -- having, within the living memory of some, had to risk the fate of their nation to combat "uninhibited triumphalism" and "despair around the world".

even from the conservative daily telegraph:

The president and his speechwriters have yet to confront the tension between their rhetoric about freedom, which is universally popular, and their practice of projecting US firepower, which is resented in equal measure," it said.

"That explains why, on the very day when the president set forward his mission to bring liberty to the world, a poll revealed that a large majority of its inhabitants believe that he will actually make it more dangerous," it said.

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