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Thursday, February 17, 2005


dissent in farmland

farmers don't appear just too upset at the bush budget.

farmpolicy continues to report by collecting from diverse sources and is a source for information and reaction.

it should be noted that the administration may have played it just right:

The article also said that, "Wisconsin Rep. Dave Obey, the Democratic leader on the Appropriations Committee, said during the hearing it was 'highly unlikely' that Congress would approve the farm spending cuts proposed by the White House.

"Subcommittee member Ray LaHood, Illinois Republican, said the White House 'is trying to balance the budget on the backs of farmers' and trying to rewrite the terms of the popular 2002 farm subsidy law."

Mr. Abbot also reported that, "[T]he House Agriculture Committee met and flatly opposed the administration proposals. The panel approved a letter saying 'we should let programs operate as designed,' which was sent to the House Budget Committee. The budget committee has first responsibility to respond to the White House plan."
as i wrote previously, saddest of all, i'm certain the bush administration has taken no great step here -- the ag lobby is incredibly strong in congress, and the bush budget was constructed with that knowledge. even under such fiscal duress as we endure today, subsidies will probably not be allowed to lapse.

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