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Thursday, February 17, 2005


propaganda: gannon/guckert

there's little i can add to this sinister laugher, but to note that everyone from salon and their blog and kos (beginning on february 8 but continuing) to americablog (and continuing) to the daily show to atrios to christian science monitor is amazed at the ongoing brazen manipulation of what most innocent americans believe is real information honestly disseminated.

government produced propaganda videos in news format; third-party commentators in the secret employ of the white house; now fake reporters planted in white house press briefings to lob softball questions and in other briefings to attack with classified information.

what is the lesson? this adminstration considers the flow of information to be not a discourse with the people nor the due diligence of responsible government but a weapon by which to control the masses.

the bush administration is at war not just with terrorists or drugs or totalitarianism -- it is at war with the citizens of the united states. the level of demagogic contempt these actions express for the people underscores the barely-mitigated fascist approach to politics -- the morality not of the christian west but of the machiavellian strong prince and the roman civitas -- that the administration has adopted.

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