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Thursday, February 10, 2005


rice in europe

new secretary of state condi rice has won widespread support for her message -- which is, essentially, that we have a common outlook. rice has pointedly put abstractions first, talking about freedom and dialogue while leaving specifics like regime change for another day.

presenting the softer face of american ideological fascism has given some in europe the public opportunity they desperately desire for reconciliation. the estrangement of atlanticism has worn nerves raw for many who view a relationship of opposition, even antagonism with america as a potentially catastrophic step.

but reconciliation will have limits, as the tactical differences remain -- and, more profoundly, the philosophy has changed. the united states has moved steadily away from internationalism and utilitarianism since the 1960s.

we shall see -- rumsfeld heads to europe this week. if no news emerges of his bluster from the nato meetings in nice, it will be a victory for the bush administration.

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