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Wednesday, March 09, 2005


answering wolfowitz

paul wolfowitz comes in for pointless praise from some quarters in response to the highly premature wishful thinking of "democracy on the march" -- as neoconservative supporters work to dismiss yesterday's massive pro-syrian demonstrations as "conjured" and therefore somehow illegitimate.

it might pay to remember that the neocon philosopher is behind more than the relentless promotion of democracy. he is also the author of the wolfowitz doctrine, that guiding idea of american empire which calls for active suppression of the development of any possible regional rival -- be it china or russia or the eu. and why? because what america is is best, and should not be challenged.

i don't know how history will judge wolfowitz. but i have a horrifying feeling that he and his friends will be remembered as the jacobins -- men who would murder whole nations to put their vision of freedom onto the a world that may want it on its own terms but will never take it on ours at the point of a gun. such shabby idealism, with so little room for the dark complexities of the human animal, is the great slaughterer of the ages.

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