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Saturday, March 26, 2005


insatiable voracity and the peacock's plume

i picked up and am nosing through an anthology of the writings of gastronome m.f.k. fisher, which includes her essay "an alphabet for gourmets". (if you are a lover of food, please read it.) written in 1949, one can call it wonderful and insightful prose but hardly flawless in conception -- in prognosticating the future, she writes,

It is safe to say, I think, that never again in our civilization will gluttony be condoned, much less socially accepted, as it was at the height of Roman decadence, when a vomitorium was as necessary a part of any well-appointed home as a powder room is today, and throat-ticklers were as common as Kleenex. That was, as one almost forgotten writer has said in an unforgettable phrase, the "period of insatiable voracity and the peacock's plume," and I am glad it is far behind me, for I would make but a weak social figure of a glutton, no matter what excesses of hunger I could confess.
i laughed out loud at that brilliant turn, so applicable to postmodern america in its own decadence, the origin of which fisher is no more revealing of.

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