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Monday, March 28, 2005



another revolution is upon us in yet another color-coordinated exercise -- complete with chicks. this has been a topic of dissertation here before, noting the role of gene sharp's directives in foreign agitation and the apparent contrived artifice of the "revolts" in places like lebanon, ukraine and georgia -- and i'm not sure what to add to that.

the big difference this time, of course, is that the mob did what mobs often do -- starting rampaging and killing. the pacifist directions in sharp's outline are willfully naive of the violent and capricious nature of crowds, it seems, but i doubt that the folks implementing his ideas are.

it's interesting to see the extant leader in kyrgyzstan, askar akayev, directly accuse the osce, that collection of american ngos -- including freedom house -- that first began the coordinated and well-financed agitation for revolution on principles forwarded by sharp in 1999 and has been active ever since.

the role of american military bases in country is also contentious; as reported by raimondo, they were built up in kyrgyzstan, in spite of political reservations, prior to the iraq war with the threat of removing american aid. the reticence of the akayev government in backing the iraq war and its favoring of permanent regional power russia may have condemned it in the fate-tempting great-power game being played out between russia, china and america across eurasia.

i wonder how many americans understand that american money, power and government, in the nebulous form of ngos, are much of what stands behind this spate of "revolutions" -- which, after all, serve the bush administration's complementary goals of confronting russia and global democratic revolution -- not to mention furthering american imperial power and client state dependence abroad.

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