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Thursday, March 24, 2005


metastasis of anarchism

i'm always happy to see i'm not the only one. matt yglesias links to "conservative blogger john cole", whom i've never read before. cole sees in the schiavo case another manifestation of the end of conservatism.

And that is what this is- politics and symbolism on the right to life battlefield. I have said it before- this is jihad for these folks. They don't give two hoots in hell about Terri Schiavo- this is about abortion, religion, and most of all, about power and control. Their concept of morality is king, you see- your behavior in the bedroom, your choice in sexual partner, your desires about end of life decisions, abortion, even the medication you use to ease the pain when you are dying of terminal diseases- their religious text should have authority over you, and if all these 'small-government strict constructionists states right's advocates' have to attain that through government proxy, so be it.

How radical are these folks? I predicted they would charge Schiavo with a crime. I was wrong. Instead, their full-on assault of the judiciary at both the state and federal level as well as their perversion of the legislative branches, and their misuse of the Federal and State Executive branches by Brothers Bush was not enough, and now they are attempting to use state level agencies, the ones relied upon for the non-partisan delivery of services, as a weapon[.]
the radicalism within the right-to-life movement has reared its ugly head before, articulated (if that is the word) by those who are convinced that their interpretation of holy scripture outweighs all the law and morality of a society, empowering them to sit in judgment of their fellow man. it remains to be seen how our society can work to counter violent individualism of this type. one can say that the anarchism of the 19th century has never really been addressed and resolved -- that instead, once suppressed, it metastasized and went mainstream, infecting us all and reducing many to mere savagery.

in combination with majoritarianism, this propensity to override law and tradition with spontaneous individual judgment -- be it delusional right-to-lifers or congress itself -- is an insidious erosive force that undermines the crumbling facade of not only the rule of law but civility in our society. and i see little that can be done to turn the tide now.

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