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Friday, March 18, 2005


mr. magoo

it's a cute description of wolfowitz, as the blithe malevolent, but michael lind is appallingly accurate in using it.

Critics are wrong to portray Wolfowitz as a malevolent genius. In fact, he's friendly, soft-spoken, well meaning and thoughtful. He would be the model of a scholar and a statesman but for one fact: He is completely inept. His three-decade career in U.S. foreign policy can be summed up by the term that President Bush coined to describe the war in Iraq that Wolfowitz promoted and helped to oversee: a "catastrophic success."

Even the greatest statesman makes some mistakes. But Wolfowitz is perfectly incompetent. He is the Mozart of ineptitude, the Einstein of incapacity. To be sure, he has his virtues, the foremost of which is consistency. He has been consistently wrong about foreign policy for 30 years.
such is the hazard of being wedded to an abstracted ideology, and therefore divorced -- even contemptuous -- of anything that could be called reality.

and it may very well be why wolfowitz has been moved out. as much a tragedy for the world bank and its credibility as it is, as much as developing countries may now be made to suffer for this man's proselytizing blindness, as nervous and irritated as it makes all the rest of the world -- is it not better to have him far from the pentagon and the armies he has so stupidly abused?

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