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Thursday, March 17, 2005


state of the union

i hate to delve into tinfoilhattery too deeply -- everything i'm about to discuss is really fairly speculative, and i say it knowing that. but there have been a steady stream of reports regarding president bush's deteriorating mental condition going back a year or more.

reports of a "seizure" in april 2004 were subsequently followed by reports of drug therapy for depression following an aborted press conference. in the interim, there have been any number of deconstructions of bush as the untreated alcoholic.

more recently, there have been some observations on the development of nervous tics and pronounced stutters. now some have noted increased incoherence -- complete with cspan video. (see minute 16:30.)

again, there's little here that goes beyond speculation. but important speculation it is. the presidency is a inhumanly demanding job, and bush is after all an untreated substance abuser. is it really unthinkable that the stress and demands of his position could crack him?

of course, history is replete with mad rulers -- from alcibiades to a string of roman emperors to several europeans monarchs to hitler and stalin -- i think they're quite a bit more common than the broader hope would allow. and i don't think anyone is saying that bush has gone mad. but the question has arisen as to his mental state and what treatments he may be under -- and, given the man's past, it is something that simply bears watching.

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