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Monday, April 11, 2005


lies of convenience

the economist knows better. and so does europe.

The watershed in relations with Europe, but also with parts of the Arab world, came on January 30th, with the impressive turnout in Iraq's election. Since then, says one senior administration official, the questions from even the prickliest European governments are no longer about why America fought the war, but how Europe can help rebuild Iraq. America and the EU will jointly sponsor a donors' conference in May or June. Mr Bush and his team have been pleased too with the support from Poland and Germany for Ukraine's orange revolution, and with France's help in winkling Syrian troops out of Lebanon.

Administration officials are careful to take no credit for these outbreaks of people power: all were home-grown. But Iraq's election and the protests against Syria's armed presence in Lebanon were not unconnected, they feel: the Arab television channels that Americans love to hate broadcast both events, including chants of “Syria out!” from Lebanon, all over the Middle East.
what malarkey! representative ron paul is saying so on the floor of the house. and i've blogged about it endlessly. what's going on in these places is as homegrown as the nazi agitation in austria in 1938 -- and with only slightly better goals in mind.

if europe's capitals decide to ignore that fact now, they do so not out of an ignorance of a truth of which they could hardly be unaware -- they do so to facilitate a mending of fences that they know cannot stay broken to their benefit.

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