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Tuesday, April 05, 2005


pnac requests conscription

the san francisco chronicle notes that political support is growing for conscription. it seems to finally be dawning on the dimmest that free people don't line up to be killed without quite a lot of coercion. even without expanding the armed forces, the armed forces are going to be faced with a manpower shortage due to attrition -- particularly in the national guard, which this warlike political crew has abused beyond endurance. our mercenary armies are proving horribly expensive and hard to control, as they had to be. consequently, the project for the new american century (pnac), a leading neocon thinkwartank, has asked congress for the radical growth of the armed forces -- expanding active forces by "at least 25,000 troops each year over the next several years," along with the massive fiscal commitment that implies.

adding more (potentially many more) than 100,000 active duty soldiers to a force that already cannot be replenished. does anyone seriously imagine that this can be done through volunteerism alone? certainly not, i think. this letter is de facto a request -- signed by several very influential neoconservative political figures -- to reinstitute the draft in order to better manifest their imperial delusions of global democratic revolution.

the chronicle quotes a few politicians who laugh off the idea as a political impossibility. i cannot be so sure. the public dialogue in this country is easily changed, vulnerable as all democracies are to the engines of propaganda, and has been deteriorating into round-the-clock interventionist militarism for years. the philosophy that explicitly endorses such manipulation of the masses has already found a home in the white house. i don't think one can count on massive popular opposition to halt the advance of militarism when it has already made such great strides in america with popular endorsement.

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