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Saturday, May 21, 2005


a change in tone

it's been on the table for a long time, and arthur silber sees the same uneasy current in the intimidated, access-mad press that i do. as america continues to reaffirm that its policy will remain broadly suicidal, and that it continues to work to undermine iranian stability despite the reservations of our friends and allies, i think the average american has to be prepared for the grave possibility of yet more disaster from this band of unmoored neitzscheans in the white house, who seek affirmation in chaos.

"Undermine Iranian stability"

Iran is an acceptable, "stable" government, and the US is on the verge of a dictatorship.

O inverted world.

"Faced with the choice between changing ones mind or proving a point, most of us will get to work on the proof."

JK Galbraith

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mr paul, i offer no defense for iranian government. i simply don't see it as our job to nanny the world. (which used to be the republican position... once....)

but i do very much want to live under a government which is not tyrannical. and the movement in the west toward dictatorship is unmistakable, imo.

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The post you refer me to shows me nothing that is "unmistakable".

Are you saying that the world is worse off today than in 1944? Do you have any concrete examples of how "pervasive and deeply rooted" fascism is today "than before"? All I see is convoluted logic and jargon.

Humor me. Explain, in English, how we are on the verge of a "dictatorship". Or, at the very least, how fascism is more prevalent today "than before".

And, you may not offer a detailed "defense" of the Iranian government, but your characterization of their regime as "stable" is clear, and seems like an implied defense to me.

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i see from reading your blog that there might not be a lot of point in rebutting -- but then maybe there is. i also see you've read shirer's masterwork. i agree with you; i found parts extremly disturbing. tell me -- have you read berlin diary?

fwiw, don't bother with mitch albom. vacuous sentimentalism.

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Respectfully, my points are either worth rebutting or not on their own. They may not be. But using my blog as a reason to address or not to address the issues I bring up is a bit of ad hominem reasoning it seems.

Asking you for concrete examples of imminent totalitarianism seems to be a reasonable question to me, regardless of my personal beliefs.

I have not read Berlin Diary, although I am always on the look-out for good history.

The Mitch Albom post is a joke, not a very good one I guess.

But thanks for stopping by the blog. Hope you can come again.

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fwiw, due to the length of my response, i think it's more sensible to respond in posting to the blog.

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a bit of ad hominem

oh, sorry -- not really intended so. i'm very used to people on search-and-destroy missions on the net, who have zero interest in discussing anything so much as seeking perverse personal gratification in confrontation and conflict. i sincerely hope that's not you.

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part one

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"seeking perverse personal gratification in confrontation and conflict. i sincerely hope that's not you."

Hard to say. If you take "perverse" out of the statement, this probably is an attribute of mine.

However, I am sincere. Just beating the bushes I guess.

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