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Thursday, May 12, 2005


espionage, fifth columns and america

on the heels of bush's uncivilized provocations of this last week, russia responded today with accusations of american espionage through the vehicle of american ngos.

(Federal Security Service chief Nikolai) Patrushev's remarks reflected concern in President Vladimir Putin's Kremlin as it grapples with waning regional influence following the ascent of pro-Western governments in ex-Soviet states. The Kremlin is also worried about outside influence within Russia amid U.S. accusations of backsliding on democracy.

"Along with classic forms of influence on political and economic processes, foreign intelligence agencies are ever more actively using nontraditional methods," including working through "various non-governmental organizations," Patrushev told lawmakers.

"Under cover of implementing humanitarian and educational programs in Russian regions, they lobby the interests of the states in question and gather classified information on a broad spectrum of issues," he said.

Patrushev said his agency, which is known by its Russian acronym FSB and is the main successor to the Soviet KGB, "has prevented a series of espionage operations" carried out through foreign non-governmental organizations."

He named the Peace Corps — which pulled out of Russia in 2002 amid FSB spying allegations — as well as the British medical aid group Merlin, the "Saudi Red Crescent" and a Kuwaiti group he called the Society of Social Reforms.

"Our opponents are steadily and persistently trying to weaken Russian influence in the Commonwealth of Independent States and the international arena as a whole," Patrushev said. "The latest events in Georgia, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan unambiguously confirm this."

Patrushev said the International Republican Institute, a U.S. democracy support organization, held a meeting in Slovakia last month during which "the possibility of continuing 'velvet revolutions' on the post-Soviet space was discussed."

Patrushev suggested Russia believes the next Western target is Moscow ally Belarus, where U.S. officials have not masked their disgust at authoritarian President Alexander Lukashenko and have called for free elections next year. Bush has called Belarus the last dictatorship in Europe, and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said it was time for a change there.

He claimed that the IRI has earmarked $5 million to finance opposition groups in Belarus this year and asserted that there were efforts under way to bring Ukrainians involved in last year's "Orange Revolution" to train opposition forces in Belarus, which has close ties with Russia.
iri is just one of a number of american rabblerousing outfits at work in the former soviet union and mideast which are funded by the american government through the national endowment for democracy and usaid, which is administered by osce-member freedom house. these programs were openly involved in subverting the ukrainian government last year through, among others, pauci -- 'polish-american-ukrainian cooperation initiative' -- which subsequently provided money and manpower to victor yushchenko, the man subsequently installed as ukrainian president and a board member of pauci.

ultimately, such dealings have underlaid this entire string of color-coded "revolutions", which are utterly contrived and purchased by the american government. none of them are materially different from past coups d'etat arranged directly by the american government through the cia -- sins for which america continues to pay a terrible price.

these fifth columns are designed along the lines laid out by gene sharp to consciously provoke civil unrest with one of several possible aims in mind -- but all of which constitute the expansion of american imperial influence in a great-power game against russia and china, either by installing pro-american governments or justifying military intervention on grounds of human rights violations. what is less apparent is how those actions fracture order in the world in ways that cannot be controlled.

as a response to patrushev's statements, we will soon, i suspect, be inundated with cries of intolerance and despotism from many sources in america, both the left and right, who understand neither that these ngos are essentially extensions of the american military-intelligence complex nor that russia is right to fear for its own sociopolitical integrity under these increasingly bold maneuvers by the lawless, hubristic bush administration which wants to restart the cold war.

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