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Tuesday, May 17, 2005



i today removed link from this site to glenn reynolds's blog. i see no use in reading it on a consistent basis. i simply have lost interest, as he has seemingly lost the capacity to analytically and meaningfully criticize anything, left or right, rejecting the former and adopting the latter prima facie -- especially the baldly ridiculous notion that the united states is somehow "at war". reynolds' constant assertion that "this is wartime" reeks of the militarism that dominates his one-dimensional mindset, despite a stupefying sharing in an inability to consider the empire we manage -- which has in fact become our central feature as a society far more than capitalism or freedom or civility. empire is what historians will remember about the united states; that reynolds can't even acknowledge it exists disqualifies him from serious consideration.

but i'm happy to have added links to crooked timber, nouriel roubini, arthur silber and others.

I noticed you took down Drudge as well, see I do read your blog.

Chuck from OMC

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lol -- seeing as its just us, do you want anything put up in its stead, chuck?

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arthur silber thoroughly articulates why i wiped reynolds and drudge.

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