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Wednesday, May 11, 2005


policy of provocation

justin raimondo comments on the despicable behavior of the bush administration both during and prior to its recent tour for former soviet societies.

The myth that Russia is sliding back into authoritarian – or even totalitarian – rule is not only ridiculously overstated: it is downright pernicious. This administration is seeking a pretext – any pretext – to restart the Cold War and launch a campaign to "liberate" the former Soviet Union from its oil and its sovereignty. The same neocons intent on smashing up the Middle East are bound and determined to shatter the inner core of the old Russian Federation. America's fifth column in Putin's Russia is an instrument of that policy, just as the Communist Party in the United States was a willing tool of the Kremlin and the recipient of clandestine subsidies.

We cannot implant "freedom" abroad by subsidizing and giving official recognition to certain kept "activists" whose program amounts to subversion against their own countries' independence and interests. The idea is so counterintuitive and obviously unworkable that it cannot possibly be taken seriously on its own terms, and so must have some other purpose: this open showcasing of our international fifth column seems almost designed to provoke a negative reaction.
given the almost-too-strange-to-be-believed effluent that continues to drool from the mouth of this administration of noble savages, one can hardly doubt that their course is set: revive belle epoque political patterns and eviscerate international law in favor of the old failed policies of the great-power game -- complete with fostered unrest around and around and ultimately within the enemy camp, forcing a conflict that can be turned -- hopefully -- in one's favor.

such a love of brinksmanship is again the open rejection of rationalism for liberating vitalism that has so characterized the revolutionary movement of modernism and postmodernism. that it has obviously infected the highest levels of american government and foreign policy with its brashness and thoughtlessness is testament to the decadence of this nation and its institutions. the respite of rationalism that followed the epoch-ending civilizational suicide attempt of the first half of the 20th c has now apparently ebbed away again. our religion of lawlessness will continue to undermine american society until it again consumes us in chaos, i fear -- emancipated only to implode upon ourselves.

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