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Thursday, May 12, 2005


press gangs

this should be no surprise, but it is symbolic of the increasing pressure on the government to fix the broken army and meet the requirement of empire in conscription.

the army has failed to meet its recruiting goals for four months running -- despite adopting what is best described as press-gang tactics.

In late April, Army Staff Sgt. Thomas Kelt left a voice mail message on the cell phone of Christopher Monarch, 20, of Spring, telling him to show up at the Greenspoint recruiting office by 2 p.m. or a warrant would be issued for his arrest, according to Monarch and an Army official.

Monarch said he didn't receive the message until after the designated time. "I was scared," he said.

He said he had not made an appointment to meet the recruiter and was not interested in joining the military.

Monarch said he called Kelt the next day to clear up the matter. Kelt told him threatening to issue an arrest warrant was a "marketing technique," according to Monarch, a version of the story the Army confirmed.

"What the recruiter did in Houston was inappropriate. He lost his cool and said some things that shouldn't have been said," the Army official said. "It was similar to a spike in problems we've seen across the country. So there was a decision to take a day to address that, to reaffirm Army values, and the recruiting values the Army teaches."
desperation is the mother of invention and all that.

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