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Wednesday, July 13, 2005


the apotheosis of karl rove

the special prosecutor's case against the machinations of the white house has finally hit front pages with a vengeance this week, as the media apparently smell karl rove's blood in the water.

jeff taylor at reason makes some excellent points regarding rove's role in the scandal, particularly in saying:

the White House and official GOPdom is fast approaching unsustainable, Clintonian "depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is" territory by insisting that Rove somehow did not "name" Plame. Of course he did. And course Bush should fire Rove or else be judged a hypocrite on his pledge to fire any leakers involved in the matter.
raimondo too continues to comment intensively.

of course, the real and external world matters very little to these men, who value loyalty above factuality and catatonic cant over observation and adaptation. hypocrisy is the least of their concerns.

in the end, although rove -- whose usefulness to the president is limited in some ways now, having no more elections to win, even if the presidency has essentially become a perpetual election campaign -- may be forced to walk the plank, i sincerely doubt that anything much of the operations of this white house will change in the slightest. these men of postmodern power are ideological holy warriors; when their actions violate law, it is because law is too confining for individual moral action, not because their actions are wrong. men like rove and larry franklin will be remembered among them not as renegades who broke with their duty to the constitution but as martyrs for the cause. their political deaths will be acts of loyalty, triumphant above all, even law and oath -- the perfect sacrifice.

in the end, the apotheosis of these men will be the same as that of their spiritual bretheren on the other side of this clash of civilizations declining into barbarity. and that is a very sad statement of how far we have fallen.

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