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Wednesday, July 20, 2005


the pardoning of karl rove

karl rove was offered a gift by his lord protector yesterday when president bush changed his position on accountability with respect to the plame-novak-rove affair. bush, who had commanded accountability for those involved in the leaking of plame's identity, took a large step away from that position by introducing the standard of crime, taking the level of unsurvivability down from political damage to legal infraction. as it is extremely unlikely that charges can be brought at any time prior to the end of bush's term of office, this constitutes an effective pardon.

this is no surprise. loyalty is the watchword in the white house, not accountability, and this simply confirms that there is very little mischief that any of the president's men could get into that would result in their expulsion from within the castle walls. rumsfeld's continued tenure despite an apoplectic term of disaster and delusion is certainly proof positive of that.

it's also important to remember that rove may not have had any idea what he was doing -- that he had been shrewdly used. if this is so, rove's continued presence in the white house may even be beneficial to those who would stand for pragmatism and reality in the face of ideology, militancy, hubris and idiocy, as a new convert to the opposition of the exponents thereof.

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