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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


the final dessication of protestantism

there are not often (but neither rarely enough) examples of such clarity to illustrate the total bankruptcy of christian protestantism in the united states as was on display today, where evangelist pat robertson openly called for the murder of a foreign politician.

this corruption of religion, which destroys serene faith as it encourages frightened fanaticism in militancy, has been a growing problem in the west since the first breakdown of the west in the wars of religion in the sixteenth century, when a fractured christianity became a mere justification used by malevolent secular, derelict and heretical powers for the manifestation of worldly aims. such amoral zealotry as became prevalent then cleared the ground for the reactionary enlightenment, which fatally attempted to abandon faith altogether in philosophy and science, successfully making religion at last an object of ridicule and scorn. worse, it seems to have permanently infected and barbarized the free radical christian churches, who have in time succumbed to the drive for emancipation from authority and society that sparked their schism from respublica christiana by becoming finally nothing more than temporal parties which manifest political and financial action at the whim of petty despots like robertson by cultivating personal heroic irresponsibility in the hapless lost souls of western disintegration.

certainly robertson shows himself to be part of that ongoing dissipation of morality, with his blatant disregard for the commandments of his supposed faith. but this is indeed a deeply rooted and widespread problem in the united states, where the resurgence of political activism from the so-called religious right is often mistaken for an actual practice of christian faith when, in fact, it is by its very nature and naked material aspiration an utter abandonment of the ethereal city of god for the mundane city of man, the city of destruction. these churches (undeserving of the name) are much more similar to the thoroughly secularized pontifex maximus of the roman reublican decline -- an overtly political office of material ambition to which julius caesar, among many others, was elected -- than the position which the title of that pagan office eventually came to designate within the church spawned of the final hellenic disaster. likewise, they represent the final dessication of protestantism in the west, having become themselves engines of upheaval, persecution and violence -- they function as waymarkers on the road to western dissolution.

UPDATE: robertson's statements were so egregious and evil as to easily manage to put venezuela's response into a position of moral superiority.

Why should I care more about morals than I do about power?

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Hey Gaius M!

Saw on H&R about the good news.

Congratulations to You and Your (now bigger) Family.

All the Best to you three.

Kind regards,
drf (aka: you-know-who from H&R)

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In my opinion, Pat Robertson doesn't demonstrate the total bankruptcy of protestantism because he doesn't speak for and is in no way revered by protestants everywhere. ...I concur, however, that he demonstrates the moral bankruptcy of the self-described Christians that claim him.

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OMC is dead without you.

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OMC is dead without you...

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