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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


the making of a proletarian

more revelations of the use of torture by american armed forces in the field have continued to surface since the initial scandal of abu ghraib -- and the rote amorality, apologism and perversity with which the nationalism-mad, blinded by their golden calf, denied it -- first came to light.

the existance of the events and a search for their cause has become the focus of an army captain, one ian fishback, whose letter to senator john mccain was recently reprinted in the washington post. his cause has become celebrated in some circles, as he assumes great personal risk to challenge a military-state bureaucracy headed by men without any significant compunction of ethics but posessed of a ruthless drive to secure by management their own position atop a rootless hero-cult bent on permanent revolution.

whether captain fishback knows what he risks or not, what is brilliant and clear is a strong ethical and moral grounding that radiates from his actions. this is a man in the perverse service of a secular state who has managed -- unlike so many others in easier positions, despite being subject to all the indoctrination of the religion of the state that could be mustered against his soul, despite being subject to the full horror of what that dessicated, desperate state is capable of -- not to confuse the administrative mechanism of the city of destruction with a moral and righteous god which is the centerpiece of the civitas dei. he has chosen instead to stand morally against the amorality that has infected his society and the authority that dominates it, making helots of its citizens, no matter how lonely a road it may be that he has chosen.

captain fishback is becoming a proletarian, in the technically perfect sense of the word -- a man alienated of his dying society by the horrifying and retarding actions that its management class has taken and commanded him to take against the greater society of the world and, by extension, against both himself as a social individual and the god which created him and lives through him in the brotherhood of man. he joins the swelling ranks of those who find themselves strangers in their homeland, seeds of dissolution planted in the soil of western civility.

UPDATE: more on the dissembling of our corrupted management class as they make torture a pillar of authoritarian empire from balkinization.

UPDATE: senators mccain, lindsey and graham -- representatives of the mccain 14 -- responding to fishback's letter with a move to legislate explicitly the illegality of torture, were faced with the telling prospect of a white house veto of such a measure.

this from a white house that has not exercized its veto pen once in its two terms. it appears to be utterly and undeniably clear now that torture is part of the policy and practice of this administration, notwithstanding any law, treaty, moral, ethic or tradition to the contrary -- serving to irrefutably define the apex of ethical bankruptcy in american governance.

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