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Wednesday, November 02, 2005


the end of the coup

as was tentatively forecast here and elsewhere, the tenuous gang of 14 has apparently dissolved over the alito nomination.

The early defection of two of the group's Republicans, Mike DeWine of Ohio and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, will give the GOP the upper hand if Democrats decide to attempt a filibuster of Alito, the New Jersey jurist nominated Monday to replace Sandra Day O'Connor.

If Democrats do filibuster, Frist wants to change the Senate rules to eliminate the delaying tactic — something the centrist group blocked in May.

"People like Lindsey Graham and I, who were part of that group, I think you can bet we'll be willing to vote to change the rules of the Senate so that we do not have a filibuster," DeWine said only hours after Alito was announced.
this is a major blow to the power of john mccain as leader of the mccain 14. as i wrote then:

i imagine that the first real test of that will be with the death of aged supreme court justice william rehnquist. if the bush administration decides to nominate another antonin scalia -- or, worse, a john ashcroft -- to the bench, mccain will become the broker to which the white house must go for approval.
the white house has apparently won that battle. so much for the new center -- it seems the politics of fascism have triumphed.

Fascism? If you think there's anything remotely resembling the Hitler/Mussolini mythos in America you need a dictionary and a prescription for lithium. The press, the people, and the elections have never been freer.

Also, more evidence today that your economic theories are wrong:

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