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Saturday, December 17, 2005


spying on america

it is one thing for a government to exceed the mandate of law with regret.

it is another when a government acts lawlessly and evilly -- and defends its lawlessness.

and it is yet another when its degenerate lawlessness is directed against its own citizens.

even as bush tells us that his administration's turning of the weapons of espionage against its own people wil be held to the highest (yet, of course, totally secret and unrevealed, and therefore effectively nonexistent) standards, we see the defense department already abusing its authority to spy on political opposition.

many who have watched as the american government since september 11 -- as it abandoned law and legislation alike, succumbing to abject fear, using an attack by barbarians as an excuse to barbarize itself -- warned that the evil of its acts overseas would, one day, come home.

that day is fast approaching, god help us. the administration has seen fit to threaten the press and the judiciary. now, the very people it sees as a threat to its authority and scheming worthy of monitoring. this is yet another sorry watershed moment in the decline of free society in the united states, whose liberty is underpinned only by the obediance of all -- not except, but especially the executive branch -- to the rule of law. our leviathan is slowly becoming a very dangerous thing to live under.

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