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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


sydney riots

following only shortly on the riots of france, conflict between the cohabitating cultures of an iranic-muslim tradtion and the western tradition have flared yet again, this time in australia.

the vulgarity of australian nationalism

australia is a fiercely nationalistic place, and the idiom of aussie cultural uniqueness is everywhere on display. as such, australia, like france, views outsiders to the dominant european-derived culture variant as "un-australian" -- and does not fear to ostracize based upon such nationalist judgment. the plight of the australian aborigine was long the primary recipient of that abuse, and suffered near-extermination as a result; but, with the globalization of anglophone empire of which european australia is a part, the influx by trade of vast numbers of polynesians, southeast and central asians -- many of whom are muslim -- indispensable as helots to man the lower rungs of industrial and postindustrial society has forced the replacement of a horrifying policy of extermination with what amounts to a caste society comprised of a mosaic of resistant subclasses. in this way, australia is no different from france, britain or the united states.

as that system is challenged by ever-more educated, innovative and ambitious members of lower immigrant castes -- many of whom reject assimilation into what they more clearly see as an undesirable perversion of western civility for the particularity of their own traditions -- the vulgarized militia of the dessicated, desperate western management class become more and more aggressive, driven by the fear of a social levelling in chaos that could not only undermine their social position but finally end the habit of a western civilization that has been visibly dying unredeemed for generations.

as i wrote of the parisian riots:

what we are witnessing is merely a symptom of a much larger degeneration of western civilization -- the riots in france could and in fact have happened in every western nation to some extent, and indeed may spread throughout europe as they have already to belgium and berlin -- with bankrupt elites ensconsed in bunkers clinging to power where their actions merit no moral allegiance on one side; fractured suspicious masses consisting of a stubbornly multicultural patchwork of aggrieved proletariats demanding autonomy on all the other sides. the conditions are merely more intense in france, where the importance of an unified national culture is a high government priority. indeed, contrapuntally, many french muslims are asking for an analogue of the ottoman millet system which was adopted in the dessication of byzantine civilization.

france is, like all postmodern western nations, in dire danger of a devolution into outright tyranny as the management takes any and all steps to retain power in the face of this insurgency. but what one must work for is a moral solution for these aggrieved peoples -- a way to make them feel at home in france and indeed europe and around the world, to make them feel of our society and in harmony with it, not as muslim proletarians who happen to be in but not of the west or under assault from its military, political and economic engines -- reconciling their goals with those of western elites and bourgeiosie in a new social compact under law.

such a solution would have to entail changes which may not be possible in our ossified society, but are necessary nonetheless to avoid a regrettable future.
that regrettable future could look very much like these lawless streets of suburban sydney. time is running out on finding again the moral guidance that might save us -- if it is not already too late.

I have just finished reading a humorous but informative book on australia by Bill Bryson. The title is "In a sunburned country". Reading this book it becomes quite obvious why they would have the race problems that they do but it only leaves me with the question, why don't they have more problems than they do?

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True, Australia does have many racial issues, many under-current ones that go by unnoticed. But this post was humerous in its incorrectness. Sorry.

"australia, like france, views outsiders to the dominant european-derived culture variant as "un-australian" -- and does not fear to ostracize based upon such nationalist judgment."

That is the specific area I am reffering to. This is completely incorrect, and quite frankly a little insulting.

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