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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


tookie williams

gang leader and murderer tookie williams was killed today by the state of california in retribution for crimes he committed in 1979.

this man later became an author of childrens books and an activist against violence, apologetically rejecting his earlier, horrifying life and seeking atonement by acts -- including a negotiated peace between two of america's most notorious national gangs (one of which he had founded and led in his wayward years).

can we change? can we overcome our nature with our will? clearly, i think we can -- all of us are created with the potential.

if we can, then how can we condone ending someone's life -- unless, of course, we negate the value of life altogether? isn't that the point of a death penalty -- to subscribe to the fallacy that this person is "unchangable" and therefore must die? in saying so, do we not refute not only their capacity for free will but, knowing us all to be created equal under god, our own? and, if none of us are free actors with open-ended lives of moral possibility, what is the point of living at all?

inflicting the death penalty is a denial of the free will granted us by god, an amoral usurpation of authority long accorded to god by an increasingly desperate, fearful, managerial man -- and, being so, can only serve to further undermine any legitimacy of said management.

and if the death penalty isn't about that -- if it's about base revenge and intimidation -- i would suggest that it is our society and its government that has succumbed to the darkest of natural impulses and which should be vigorously corrected in all of our interests -- before the engine of state-power-engineered mortal revenge is put to use in more contexts than mere criminality.

of course, the moral deterioration of our society is heavily reflected in its government, which now seeks to manage society by coldly slaughtering its constituents on pretenses of rational management of the proletarians. i think it goes without saying that such egregious acts serve only to further antagonize the divided.

no one can condone this criminal's acts. but to kill him -- one of the more notable anti-gang-violence activists working today -- and not just him but anyone -- speaks to a society that has fearfully abdicated free will, charity and tolerance to indulge in deterministic fantasies and black, murderous desires.


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