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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


the war tapes

generally in the past, this writer has often eschewed war documents written from the point of view of the soldier. they were often maudlin and poorly-observed, so went the argument, and with little context or insight into the larger social and political problems that drove events.

that began to change with the poetry of siegfried sassoon, wilfred owen and particularly the stunning autobiography of robert graves. soon followed remarque, and it became apparent that the soldier's life -- while maudlin almost by requirement to try to encompass and mitigate the massive emotional, physical and spiritual damage sustained -- is one of contemplation punctuated by unpredictable, howling and terrifying raids upon the tattered senses. some who go to war are well suited to communicate its meaning in the full psychological vocabulary of its horror, often including the most succint and damning synopses of broader causes, though it seems that they often sacrifice some part of their souls to do so.

this change in perspective opened a new literature to this writer, and it is in that context that the war tapes is anticipated. it begins a one-week theatrical run at the music box on july 7, and has been powerfully reviewed (for those who seek such justification).


Wow. That Graves book looks interesting. Thanks for the recommendation

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My brother-in-law was involved in the attack on Falluja shortly after the Presidential election in 2004 and this month marks his medical discharge from the USMC, (all things considered, he is in good shape physically, but will likely carry PTSD scars forever I should think)

I have had heard him talk about his experiences on a few occasions but this looks like a better way to learn about it.

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