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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


giuliani's pet pedophile

there's already quite enough known about rudy giuliani that would make me wish to see his campaign destroyed rather than countenance a vote for him. deep and obvious personality flaws have already been in evidence and are far better documented than the one example i highlighted. but to all that, one can sadly add this.

Since 2002, Msgr. Alan Placa has worked for Rudy Giuliani as a consultant at Giuliani Partners. In 2003 a grand jury report of Suffolk County, NY, accused Placa of sexually abusing multiple victims.

A spokeswoman for Giuliani Partners told Salon Magazine that the former New York City mayor believes Placa was "unjustly accused." The grand jury report contains accusations from three alleged victims, including two children (Placa is named as "Priest F" in the report.) According to testimony before the grand jury, "Everyone in the school knew to stay away from Priest F."

Placa has been suspended from his priestly duties for the past five years...

One simple question: why has the press not pursued this story more aggressively? Nothing quite highlights Giuliani's blindness toward friends and cronies like this story. That Giuliani is still paying the guy a salary long after these serious accusations became public boggles the mind. It speaks to an arrogance, flawed judgment and personal contempt for the law that should disqualify Giuliani from any serious aspiration to the presidency.

consider as well, beyond the sheer narcissism and unbridled megalomania that is the central feature of giuliani's public persona, the fact that he has retained norm podhoretz as his foreign policy advisor.

would it come to pass -- though it appears unlikely at this moment -- giuliani's election would be a signal event in the history of the united states, much as the elevation of nero following tiberius and caligula indicates convincingly the depth of the social sickness in ancient rome at that time which would later become so much worse. (which is certainly not to say electing hillary clinton absolves the united states of such political and social health issues!) as it is, his likely nomination to the republican candidacy -- he leads the iowa electronic market handily -- shines like a beacon of depravity for that political party. it may well in fact mark the historical moral low point for the GOP since its foundation in 1854.

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