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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


welcome to the reality of things

from andrew sullivan, with respect to this.

I am immensely grateful that McCain is the nominee, because he is a far bigger man than many in the "conservative" movement today. To read the Corner today was to be reminded that some are immune to the grace and hope and civility that Reagan summoned at his best; the anger and bitterness is so palpably fueled by fear and racism it really does mark a moment of revelation to me.

i don't personally fall into any easy political catagory, and i suspect most intelligent and independently-directed people don't. and i admit to being baffled at the inability of many otherwise smart devotees to see what is at the core of the 21st-century republican party. fear, and the hatred fear spawns, accounts for the better part of the republican platform.

and yet sullivan professes to be shocked. has he ever really watched fox news? has he ever really listened?

there is nothing particularly conservative about fear. no conservative political party has to make its name on and formulate its policy around fear. so why is the republican party so very prone to do so?

the answer, i suspect, lies in political expediency more than anything. fear is the cheapest path to power, particularly in a woefully demotic society, particularly when your economic ideology has the unfortunate reputation of enabling the exploitation of the masses. and true to form, the constant appeal to the basest instincts of its constituency has with too much success denigrated and animalized that constituency exactly as it was hoped.

william buckley died recently, and i have to admit that i felt genuinely sorry for him in recent years. he watched helplessly as the conservative movement he formulated and gave life to out of the fractured and scattered shards of post-war opposition seemed to sink once again into the disingenuous crackpottery, stone-blind ideology, neofascism and naked powermongering that most of his soul must have convulsed at the sight of. the second bush administration particularly has seemed almost a perfect insult to buckley and his kind, the almost farcical perversion and corruption of everything he once worked for.

some people who would label themselves conservative (including myself) have already fled the republican party. i sincerely hope that many more will, because the grand old party now represents the most clear and present danger to the health of our republic.

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Bravo! Here! Here! Harumph! Harumph!

Seriously, very well-put and it couldn't have been said better. Election 2000 angered me. Election 2004 imposed a mild depression on me, as I stated to anyone and everyone: "I don't think we will survive four more years of this idiot." Right now, I think I'm looking pretty good on my forecast. We shall see, eh?

Regards, gm. Cheers and fears!

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