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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


more leaks regarding a forthcoming american attack on iran

via yves smith, the asia times.

The George W Bush administration plans to launch an air strike against Iran within the next two months, an informed source tells Asia Times Online, echoing other reports that have surfaced in the media in the United States recently.

Two key US senators briefed on the attack planned to go public with their opposition to the move, according to the source, but their projected New York Times op-ed piece has yet to appear.

these follow earlier reports, cited here through the jerusalem post, which were themselves preceded by a palpable intensification of the demonization of iran for the faults in the invasion and occupation of iraq which are, in fact, the responsibility of the united states and the clinically incompetent bush administration alone and absolutely as it chose to incur the determined opposition of the most critical elements of iraqi society (as cogently narrated in the asia times earlier this month with an honesty that would never see the pages of a properly patriotic american paper, including an articulation of how the american-backed forces -- frequently euphemized as the iraqi army in the american press -- have actively suppressed popular will and electoral outcomes with military violence in an effort to maintain the puppet government headed by nuri al-malaki). it is a delusion of convenience that fools no one in the region even if it dupes mainstream americans. as i then said:

strategically, the united states is left having upset the balance of power in the mideast by overturning the iraqi applecart, handing iran a regionally dominant position by empowering iraqi shi'ites, some sympathetic to iran. contrived efforts to now rebalance the situation by weakening iran are not going to be materially aided by a few airstrikes. it would take the construction of a durable american client state in iraq. this is no small undertaking, and it isn't kind generally to shia empowerment -- there's a reason some select sunnis have so consistently been installed by europeans atop the power structures of states carved from the former ottoman empire along the persian borderlands. this dissonance of american goals -- the utopian desire for decentralization and democratization on the one hand, the realistic need of a client state to preserve regional order in favor of america on the other -- is likely to be expressed in frustrated fits, the physcial manifestation of which is an airstrike, in lieu of anything like a real solution.

it seems my pessimism of six months ago was justified. the cheney court as described by james galbraith appears to be carrying the day for resource warfare once again, leading to another frustrated fit of predation and yet more unease among america's would-be allies over both american intentions and sensibility.

UPDATE: more via nouriel roubini and former german foreign minister joschka fischer -- they feel an israeli attack has been greenlighted by the bush administration.

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"ridiculous and frequently mistaken meditations on the capricious nature of life, usually in lower case" indeed.

Check out Kazimi for a picture of what's really going on on that part of the world:

Cheers and allbest!

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the difficulty i have with kazimi is seen well here, tom.

Dismissing Arabs as a nation culturally and historically incapable of adopting democracy is just plain racist. But it is a bigotry that is not only tolerated in leftist circles but rather openly and proudly displayed because it stands in opposition to George Bush’s vision for the Middle East. So much for the honesty and solidarity of liberalism.

i'm no defender of cnn. but this is plainly twisting blitzer's argument to imply something that nowhere exists in the text. this sort of 'analysis' is a simple extension of the kind of shoutfests that cnn (among many others) only to happily runs. it is useless.

kazimi is normally not relaying anything like truth, nor does he seem to have much interest in doing so. he is relaying political spin -- in literally every post. indeed, the ease with which he adopts the caricatured western meme of 'liberal'/'conservative' polarization is a dead giveaway. were it not, this is a man who is payrolled at the hudson institute, which is politically slightly to the right of hitler's burnt corpse. :)

it's no recommendation of mainstream news or any other blogger or viewpoint -- and it isn't as though he never has anything interesting to say. but if you want to know something about iraq or the mideast, kazimi is the last kind of person one should listen to. any critical reader should easily see what he is. the popularity of his commentary is a model disaster along the lines of so many others re: the death of the gatekeeper. his job is to sell a neoconservative point of view, and those who take him at face value are only fooling themselves.

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