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Friday, May 23, 2008


renters are good people too

via naked capitalism -- as a renter of a home in an established-ownership neighborhood, i can't help but agree. can i say that it galls me, as i'm planting hostas, yews and rosebushes to improve the landscaping at my own expense, to see neighbors who can't manage to mow their lawn once a week -- or even clean up the dog toys? these vaunted owners can't find a way to pick up the trash in their yard, and i'm supposed to be the one driving down property values with my antisocial behavior?

clearly, it's a canard. i tend to agree with yves smith:

People are house-proud whether they own or rent. Yes, a renter will focus his expenditures on things he will take with him, but people who are slovenly will live in a slovenly fashion whether they own or rent.


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