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Thursday, August 07, 2008


bruce ivins

this late scientist is being condemned in the popular narrative by the federal bureau of investigation for perpetrating the anthrax attacks fo 2001. but there are many skeptics, including justin raimondo.

as easy as it is to cast a jaundiced eye on the cynicism of raimondo -- and even moreso on his speculative flight -- there is also to consider the obituary of sarah conlon published serendipitously in the economist this week.

it was the observation of toynbee among others that the decline of the creative minority into a merely dominant minority was characterized, as mimesis falters and proletarianization spreads, by an ever-more desperate abandonment of moral authority for a brutal oppression of dissent paired with opportunistic populism. the goal of the creative class is to live lives of pious and productive example; they have authority thrust upon them. the goal of the dominant minority into which they can devolve, however, is concerned with a different goal: the maintenance of authority at all costs.

is the convenient ivins being framed by an embarrassed and politically-motivated government authority in an election year? i surely cannot say. but what i can say is that the record of the dominant minority, far from being above reproach in such matters, highlights the likelihood.

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It suspect that Raimundo is guilty of some of the Biases that our illustrious FBI guardians make on a regular. He is mistaking perceived motivations for facts. Making a leap from what he sees as the available facts available to the FBI to what he suspects are their motivations for fabricating the rest of the evidence is exactly what they do when they're busy hounding some unsuspecting up a tree like a racoon. "Seeing into their hearts" is the same sort of idiotic comment "W" made when he met with Putin, as well as the foundation of his assessment of Harriet Miers for Supreme court justice. One cannot know such things without being guilty of the type of hollywood-esque reasoning that Raimundo dedicates his entire article to ridiculing.

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